2014, július 28 - 01:00
Airports are big energy consumers – and that’s before a plane takes off or lands. The daily electricity and thermal energy used by a large airport compares to that of a city of 100,000 people.
2014-07-02 - Helping SMEs fish the Big Data ocean
2014, július 2 - 01:00
In its (Communication on the data-driven economy) , the European Commission outlines a raft of measures aimed at helping SMEs exploit Big Data to win new commercial opportunities.
2014-06-30 - PLACE-IT: Electronics-to-wear light up health care
2014, június 30 - 01:00
%L%L (Read this article in Dutch here) %L%LFor most electronic circuit boards, if you try to bend them, they snap and are rendered useless. But this is set to change. A European research project called PLACE-IT has come up with a new type of flexible electronics that won’t break when you twist them.
2014-06-20 - EU citizen science initiative asks us all to do our part
2014, június 20 - 01:00
Would you like to help researchers understand the workings of our sun, or discover how large crowds of people can work together? While you may think such breakthroughs are the preserve of highly-specialised scientists with expensive equipment, the EU-funded project (SOCIENTIZE) allows you to lend your skills and time to some exciting research.
2014-06-18 - Romanian researchers stay home to take part in EU programmes
2014, június 18 - 01:00
EU-funded research projects in Romania are helping the country retain talent. Young researchers, who might be tempted to look for a career abroad, find they can contribute at an even higher level by staying at home and participating in exciting projects. They still get to travel, work with specialists in other European countries, and make important private sector contacts.
2014-06-12 - Smart treatment predictions for brain trauma
2014, június 12 - 01:00
Most people who suffer a severe brain injury take years to recover – if they recover at all. But the right treatment in the crucial hours following an accident can make all the difference. Now an EU project is building sophisticated new computer models potentially able to improve diagnosis and predict the outcome of treatments.
2014-04-24 - Universal microalgae harvesting system
2014, április 24 - 01:00
Researchers have recently advanced a cheap and efficient universal method to harvest microalgae. These organisms are an important source of raw materials for nutritional products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biofuels.
2014-06-03 - Climate Change, Meet Cyborg Plants
2014, június 3 - 01:00
We tend to think of plants as being the first victims of pollution and climate change. But thanks to an FP7 research project, crops, forests and even the plants in your back garden could be fighting back.
2014-05-27 - Security and Privacy? Now they can go hand in hand
2014, május 27 - 01:00
Online identification and authentication keeps transactions secure on the Internet, however this has also implications for your privacy. Disclosing more personal information than needed online when, say, you log in to your bank website may simplify the bank’s security at the cost of your privacy. Now, thanks to research by the EU-funded project Attribute-based Credentials for Trust (ABC4Trust) , there is a new approach that keeps systems secure and protects your identity.
2014-04-24 - Filtering out factory dust
2014, április 24 - 01:00
EU-funded scientists are developing a novel air filtration system for industrial environments that will be able to handle explosive dust. This portable system with low energy consumption should find a large market in many factory settings.