2014-04-10 - Smoothly operating EU electricity grids
2014, április 10 - 01:00
Cross-border exchanges and a growing contribution of intermittent renewable energy sources (RESs) are threatening the secure operation of the EU's electricity system. Scientists are creating a management toolbox to help to address the problem.
2014-04-16 - Feature Stories - Augmented Reality: Bringing History and the Future to Life
2014, április 16 - 01:00
Have you ever wished you had a virtual time machine that could show you how your street looked last century? Or have you wanted to see how your new furniture might look, before you’ve even bought it? Thanks to VENTURI, an EU research project, you can now do just that.
2014-04-10 - The future of offshore platforms
2014, április 10 - 01:00
European seas will be subject to major development in the near future as offshore wind farms are built and wave-power and marine aquaculture are exploited. Marine infrastructure will take the form of multi-use platforms (MUPs) in order to support these new activities and minimise related cost and environmental impact.
2014-04-10 - Effect of climate change on air pollution
2014, április 10 - 01:00
Scientists are developing a series of large-scale models and data sets for a Europe-wide study on air pollution impacts under changing climate conditions. This EU-funded initiative will allow researchers to determine future impacts on plant productivity, plant community composition and carbon sequestration.
2014-04-10 - Modelling security innovation
2014, április 10 - 01:00
How do security organisations innovate and implement their ideas? An EU project is finding out in order to help the organisations better respond to change.
2014-04-10 - New materials for conservation of art
2014, április 10 - 01:00
Preservation of cultural heritage is still largely based on conventional methods and materials. EU-funded scientists are developing novel nano-structured materials for better performance and less environmental impact.
2014-04-10 - Solar cell —trapping more light
2014, április 10 - 01:00
Solar cell (SC) technology has matured tremendously and is on the verge of a major market breakthrough. EU-funded scientists are developing novel technology to reduce materials usage and cost while enhancing efficiency.
2014-04-10 - Urban greening for noise reduction
2014, április 10 - 01:00
Noise pollution, caused mostly by road and rail traffic, is an increasing problem in the developed world. Researchers have recently investigated more sustainable ways of reducing these sound disturbances.
2014-04-10 - A safer rubber manufacturing process
2014, április 10 - 01:00
The chemical ethylene thiourea (ETU) is widely used in synthetic rubber processing and research has revealed its carcinogenicity. EU-funded scientists are developing urgently needed safe alternatives for the numerous small companies active in rubber manufacturing.
2014-04-10 - Towards energy-efficient rail networks
2014, április 10 - 01:00
The energy consumption of urban rail systems is determined by a range of interdependent factors, which makes introducing new, energy-efficient technologies difficult. Researchers are now analysing the situation from every angle in order to create a decision-making tool for rail operators and public authorities.